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I hate not riding my bike

Posted in Uncategorized on October 1, 2008 by justletithappen


Anxiety, depressed moods, joint aches, lack of energy, and sleep problems.  These are all side effects of obesity… and of me being off of my bike.  Thanks to the lady who hit me with her bright red Dodge Durango I haven’t been on my bike for over a month.  I find it strangely ironic that what I feel (being health and active) when I’m taking a break from the bike is the same thing that those who sit around and live a life of stagnation. 


Well I got the bike back.  Finally, and am still chasing down this lady for money from damages.  Unfortunately the weather has proved a larger challenge than I am prepared to face (hurricanes and nor’easters). 

This is a picture outside of my house

This is a picture outside of my house


But with the weather taking a turn for the better (it’s still raining outside).  My bike still sits and waits… soon bike soon.